Set clear goals based on each child’s temperament & areas to refine (for any maladaptive behaviors) and based on you child’s age group.

The following general guidelines can be kept in view while setting goals:

  1. 1) Best time to DISCIPLINE- related to overindulgence(eating, gadgets etc). Giving clear instructions without ambiguity,
  2. eg;Everyone need to share available food items, Gadget use based on project, today learn lifecycle of butterfly.
  3. 2) Healthy HABIT FORMATION- Importance of healthy hygiene& study habits, developing a stuctured routine(acc to child’s need), daily physical exercise etc.
  4. 3)REGULATION of emotional expression-Impulsive behaviors & verbalizing emotions of anger, sadness, anxiety in acceptable & harmless way using reasoning, time out for unacceptable behaviors(shouting on family member when angry as unacceptable, instead communicate verbally to parent who will take it seriously & resolve).
  5. 4) REDUCING DISTRACTIONS by providing only essential resources-It is healthy to set limit on utilizing minimum resources & more focus on creativity using own efforts. Providing too much material resources can be hinderence to sharpen one’s mind.
  6. 5) Extra time for refining SKILLS OF INTEREST like sports, art, music, dance by spending time in practice, while regular school days provide limited time period.
  7. 6) Together FAMILY TIME SPENT-One need not look for out of the way activities for that purpose.Keeping the routine of each member in view, can be helpful to each other,
  8. eg; If mother is involved in kitchen, helping her in required task will speeden to complete her work of cooking.
  9. Priming for next academic year, by taking time to prepare difficult subjects with the help of older sibling/ parent.
  10. 7)Taking PROFESSIONAL HELP by approaching child psychologist/ family therapist if unable to handle uncontrollable behaviors if any,is not a bad idea.
  11. Summer can be a happy & together time/ bonding time for whole family unlike regular school days.These above guidelines bring concepts of togetherness, need for accommodation& interdependence essential for effective family functioning as a single unit.