SCHOOLING a period from age 5-15 years is an active developmental period for children from biological,psychological, social perspectives.

Most parents opt for Home Schooling usually as a reaction to bitter experience with school system/ teachers etc. While it needs to be looked carefully from various perspectives.

  1. 1) Parents/ atleast one parent able to take time (atleast 5-6 hours of day time) for following structured schedule towards academics & extracurriculars.
  2. 2) If both parents are engaged in full-time occupation, the possibility of caretaker monitoring the schedule involves additional resorces.
  3. 3) Socialization- Needs special concern which happens naturally when child attending regular school.Ofcourse, as part of extracurriculars some socialization comes into picture, but with limitations.
  4. 4) If parents are on changing occupation/ frequent migration, Home schooling seem to be better option.
  5. The above points are but few areas of concern to be taken care if opting for Home Schooling, however, Schooling period alone considered as period of learning is very narrowed down concept, for learning is life-long. Discipline, group compliance, ability to survive in challenging situations, peer group interaction and team spirit can be a miss. One need to be kept in mind as a parent is, preparation of child for facing life from broader perspective than just working towards a bread-winning occuoation.
  6. These points are just food for thought. As parent you are always the best person to decide what suits your child assessing the total situation.