In this world we live in,there are innumerable daily distractions that can make us aimless & wasting precious time. Let’s observe it a little closely. From the time we wake up, even before up from bed we have many preoccupations about what & how to do things, face people and handle day to day chores. for eg; a school going child has worries about completing home work, attending classes, handling peer pressures and so on; youngsters about career, future and relational issues to quote a few. More distractions are for adults and they end up thinking (some call it multi-tasking) work completion, budget planning, social interactions so on.

These are daily requirements, how can we call them distractions? They end up as distractions when we think of one while doing another activity and ending up some how completing or meeting requirements. Distracted mind cannot meet quality, one can just complete the task.What results we can expect? half-done job. Instead if one can think & do one task at a time, one’s productivity can be maximum. How it is possible while we have so much to complete each day? Possible if you plan ahead, organize and follow rule of MODERATION in all task achievement. May not sound encouraging for aspirants who quickly want to climb up the ladder of competition. Another distraction COMPETING, with whom & for what?

Each one of us has our unique capabilities. Focus on our strengths & giving our best, instead of running for what one is not good at. Making one’s interest/ aptitude as a career saves a lot of run around. Then you will put your heart in that & invariably will do your best. Keep some free time on daily basis to run through your daily done routine. Plan better for next day. Golden rule is always plan less than what you think you can handle, if you can do more than planned it will give you ”feel good” like a self pat on your back. Being one-pointed & aim for quality makes you feel happy & satisfied at end of each day.🙏