Counselling is a general term used in a casual sense. A professional counselling differs in significant ways compared to general opinion of a convincing, understanding or influencing someone towards something. Professinal counselling does more than that. Let’s know how?

All the so called convincing/ understanding are just a step forward. Actual professional counselling is focused on “introspecting” or closely observing one’s situation/ opinion towards a healthy handling at present & for future.This process of looking closely at oneself through guided counsellor who acts as a mirror to visualize oneself without any defenses & working towards correcting oneself not only in concerned area but, able to generalize to new areas in future.

If unwilling to CHANGE oneself towards better, then professional counsellling is of not much help. It is meant for changing oneself than changing others. Of course over a period of time, your change might change others as well, but that is not the primary goal or purpose of professional counselling.