Sustainable Marital Relationships



Preparedness towards Expectations and Complexities of Marriage

Marriage is considered a unique life experience that should lead to happy and enjoyable memories. Marriage is often a union of two different personalities that seek to merge into a single common purpose and goal in life. Each partner has their own expectations and dreams and a happy marriage is one where both partners are able to realize their own as well as the potential of their partner. Expectations that are unrealistic and are not in alignment with the wishes of the partner or a common goal can lead to friction in the relationship. Often, friends turn strangers and even enemies over a period of sustained dissatisfaction.  Understanding our partner in depth helps to make relationships more meaningful for a productive marriage.

This half day workshop focuses on developing an understanding of varied expectations from marriage and the complexities associated with differing expectations. Through an interactive discussion mode, Dr. Kavitha Praveen, an experienced marital therapist, will discuss the different phases of a marriage and possible problem solving options that are rooted in an understanding of the self and the partner. The workshop will be useful for anyone interested in the institution of marriage- whether they are already married, separated or planning to marry.

Participation is limited to 15 members on a first come first served basis.

Date: September 9, 2012

Venue: Manasvin’s Center for Family Psychotherapy, Anand Nagar Colony, Khairatabad, Hyderabad, India

Please contact Dr Kavitha Praveen at 9849924478 (between 9am and 9pm ) to register.

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