We are from a country of rich value system that is respected worldwide, but how much do we value it? Let’s look into the matter.Value system /ethics is a vital aspect in everyone’s personality growth, especially during adolescence where every thing happening around is questioned by oneself. Adolescence is a right period to instill value system due to it’s state of mouldability / flexibility.

Let’s try to understand what this value system is all about. Do not waste food & water, be kind to suffering, respect fellow beings, etc etc. are values we often hear. Our present life seem to revolve on reward system. “I give this because, you give me this & that. What if someone/ parent/spouse can’t give much of what one want, then are they unworthy of affection/ kindness?” Sounds sick, is it not?

Seeds we sow give us the fruits. Let us think little seriously whether we have a value system as adults that we believe in & follow which we can try to instill in our children? Love & food are provided by animals also to their offspring, it’s a biological instinct, and needs no great effort. Real effort need to be given for cultivating right value system of giving without expecting, being self-sufficient & growing as a happy individual physically, psychologically & morally.